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        • Quartz Sand Quartz Sand
        • Quartz Sand Quartz Sand
        • Quartz Sand Quartz Sand
        • Quartz Sand Quartz Sand

        Quartz Sand

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        Product Details

        Quartz sand is produced from quartz,a silica mineral.Quartz is the only mineral consisting exclusively of silicon and oxgyen with well bonded ions which make it extremely hard. After crushing, hand-sorting, washing, drying, grinding, screening, the quartz is processed into different specifications ranging from 4 mesh to 325 mesh.


        High purity

        High bulk density

        High hardness

        Resistance to acids alkalies

        Insolubility in water


        1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-32mm, 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-80mesh, 80-120mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh.



        An ingredient in mortar mixes A hardner in industrial floors 
        Water treatment filter material Building sand 
        Golf course surface Sand-blasting 
        For decorative purpose Glass and glassware
        Casting Chemical industry