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        What is the Effect of Wet Ground Mica Powder on Advanced Paints?

        Feb. 07, 2020

        Wet Ground Mica Powder mixed with wet ground mica powder in high-grade paint can replace zinc powder, aluminum powder, magnesium, titanium metal powder. National coatings factories have used wet mica powder for the following paints:

        1. It is used to regulate linseed oil for civilian use;

        2. Used for lactic acid and other water dilution external and domestic paints;

        3. Used for interior wall paint, including propylene, butadiene milk, polyvinyl acetate milk, acrylic milk and interior polyacetate milk, and other indoor wall paint;

        4. For metal protection and maintenance paints: domestic automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, and ship paint have been gradually selected to extend their life and have significant protection ability, and enhance the lubricity and color of the paint.

        Wet mica powder has high dielectric strength, high electrical resistance, low dielectric loss, and excellent dielectric properties such as resistance to arc and corona. It has a solid texture, high mechanical strength, high temperature and temperature resistance, and has It has excellent physical and chemical functions such as acid and alkali resistance, so it is widely used in the radio industry, aviation industry, and motor manufacturing.

        It is also widely used in coatings, paints, plastics, linoleum, papermaking, oil field drilling, decoration and other occupations. In the paint, it can reduce the damage of paint film by ultraviolet rays or other light and heat, and the coating is resistant to acid, alkali and electrical insulation. Function, improve the frost resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness and compactness of the coating, reduce the breathability of the coating, and avoid mottled and cracking.

        Sericite Mica

        Sericite Mica

        As a Mica Powder Factory, share with you other advantages.

        Using high-quality mica powder can make the product lighter and thinner. This technology has a wide range of applications in the plastics industry, such as manufacturing high-strength products, including plastic parts for machinery and vehicles, geotechnical materials, housings for household appliances, packaging materials, plastic products for daily use, films, cracks and ropes, etc. .

        The application of wet mica powder in plastics goes far beyond this. Making full use of the unique properties of wet process mica powder, many valuable new plastic products can be developed to form many valuable application technologies. For example, adding mica powder to plastic can improve printing performance and composite bonding performance; mica powder has conductivity after precipitation of SnO2 or metal plating on the surface, and can be used to make antistatic products and conductive plastics; pearlescent pigments are coated with TiO2, which There are many applications; pigments with excellent properties after coloration; mica can also improve the lubricating properties of products.

        Our company also has Sericite Mica on sale, welcome to consult.